Company Introduction
Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co., Ltd. (DSIC Offshore) is located at the bay of Dalian with very good land and sea transportation access. It is 19 km away from the city centre and 15 km away from the airport. It covers an area of 660,000 square meters. It is a prime contractor company specialized in offshore engineering, construction, repair and conversion. Its main business covers jack-up/semi-sub drilling/production platform, drilling ship, FPSO, wind turbine installation vessel and other fixed and floating drilling or oil and gas production facilities.With all accumulated technical, management resources and comprehensive strength in the construction of offshore project in past years, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co., Ltd. has a team of more than 400 management and technical force and advanced production facilities. At the same time, with the strong production & engineering support from parent company DSIC, DSIC Offshore is capable of undertaking simultaneously construction of jack-up/semi-sub drilling rigs, drilling ship, FPSO and other offshore products. Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co., Ltd. has the capability of delivery 8-10 offshore projects each year. Sound and effective quality, HSE and project management systems are in place. Over the years DSIC Offshore has constructed and delivered more than 30 offshore projects. Presently DSIC Offshore already has the capability to design and construct jack-up/semi-sub drilling rigs, FPSO, drilling ship and other offshore products as a prime contractor. DSIC Offshore has edged into the international advanced offshore construction contractor market symbolized by the successful construction and delivery BINGO 9000 semi-sub rigs, JU2000E jack-up rigs, CJ46 jack-up rigs and F&G 9500 semi-sub rigs.
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